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News: July 3-4 July 3, 2008

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Because of the Fourth of July holiday on Friday, we will offer a Thursday or Friday evening pick-up this week. You can pick up 5 and 8 p.m. either night.

The farm sustained some damage from last week’s storm. We went out that evening to take a look and everything was laying at a 45 degree angle. The hail had pummeled the plants, tore through leaves and dented the stems and the fruit. I cried a bit and then put things into perspective. Our house was undamaged, our cars were undamaged and all my friends and family were okay. I shouldn’t spend more time crying over broken plants when people had trees through their roofs.

With a better outlook we went out again on Sunday and the plants had already started to right themselves. We, with the help of two volunteers (Jill and Trilety), spent the entire morning cutting off broken stems, damaged fruit and restaking some things. After that morning, I felt a lot better.

Tonight we were back at the farm assessing what will be ready for this week’s harvest. Plants are funny things. They like water but not too much. They like heat but we haven’t had any real consistent heat yet. They don’t like hail or flooding and long dry spells aren’t great either. This spring/early summer has been all over the place, weather-wise. That means that vegetables I thought we might have by now aren’t ready yet. So here’s what to expect when you pick-up your bag this week.

 Beets – the red ones are called Chioggia and the orange ones are Burpee’s Golden. Cut open the red ones…they look like peppermint patties.
 Wild Garlic – some consider this a weed but it’s too tasty to be ignored. The bulbs are a bit on the small side but you can use more than just the bulb. Dice and use like you would regular garlic (will be milder).
 Cucumbers, basil or peas – we don’t have enough for everyone but we will harvest all that’s ready and divide it between all the subscribers. I will keep notes on what you receive and what you didn’t and make up for it later in the year.

A few more comments regarding the farm…we have peppers that are ripening and with any luck, you’ll be seeing those soon. The eggplants are flowering and setting fruit too. The summer squash seem to be taking their sweet time growing but I suspect they will explode soon. We are having some trouble losing some cucumber and melon plants and I don’t know why. Could just be wind and hail damage that they can’t recover from.

My friend and CSA subscriber, Jill Wells, will be contributing a “veggie tale” for inclusion with our weekly newsletters. Enjoy!

eggplant hail damage                                  wind-blown potatoes

greenhouse after the storm


News: A Flexible Start to the Season June 20, 2008

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With the recent storms and almost constant rain, we’ve had to spend some extra time trying to figure out how to handle these first couple of weeks of the CSA. Here’s the plan.

We had five heads of broccoli ready to go yesterday so I harvested those and distributed them to five subscribers. We’ll have seven heads of cabbage ready on Friday so I will suggest that seven subscribers come to our home to pick up cabbage and radishes.

Then next week the remainder of the CSA subscribers can come for their first week of veggies (contents to be determined).

On July 4th all the subscribers will get weekly bags of veggies and I will extend the season one week for everyone so you will still get 15 weeks of produce.

I’m splitting these first two weeks up because I just don’t have enough for everyone. So I thought I would give half the members something this first week, the other half something next week and then extend the entire season by one week.

I won’t have a full newsletter for this week’s vegetables but will send you a note tomorrow regarding what will be in your box, how to store it, and a couple suggestions for use.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will make a note of the contents in your bag, since some are getting broccoli, some cabbage, etc., and will make sure you get later this season what you didn’t get at the beginning.

Since we’d like the first full pick-up to be on July 4th, please let me know if you aren’t going to be around. I can try to get them to you early or after the 4th. I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Luckily there is great help to keep things running smoothly.


Rainwater Collection System May 12, 2008

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Jim and Jay putting up a rainwater collection system; Lucy was a great help.


The Long and Winding …

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Cabbage Row


Heeeere’s Jay

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Jay and Bill slinging Oma-gro


Hello Little Broccoli

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Fun on the farm

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Ottilie and Eleanor, daughters of the home owner, visiting the farm. Lucy sure likes them.